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Traffic jam

outside the cemetery-

Mother’s day



Two Mourning Doves

follow each other in the mud-

Valentine’s Day



New year’s day-

ice cracks

in the bird bath.



The waitress

limps to our table-

all night diner.



By the water’s edge

with pebbles in my pocket

late August



Every morning

me with my coffee

you with your tea



Afternoon cocktail

sun and shade mix

on the lawn





Silversmith come out

this dull July moon

could use your rouge




The cardinal waits

for one more seed-

summer downpour





The cricket

hides himself

in the sound of grass






the backyard

gets smaller





Empty robin’s egg

nothing but the blue





Fallen petals

the names of soldiers

we’ll never know



In the haiku fields

some sweet and bitter fruit

for hungry ghosts




Buddhist funeral

my eyes fill

with smoke



Finding myself

standing taller

seeing the Cardinal


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  1. barbara permalink
    September 6, 2008 11:11 pm

    Enjoyed your story and haiku.
    Will look for more.

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