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June 24, 2012
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What a mug!

Gosh, I’ve been away from here forever. But I can be forgiven because we adopted a new dog. Her name is Jax and she’s a 7 year old Maltese.

She is a being of pure love and joy and we’ve just been spending a lot of time with her and Champ (who loves her as well, of course).

Champ and Jax stationed at the front window

Her owner passed away at the age of 80 something and I couldn’t say no. The transition was largely painless and in no time she was one of the pack. The cat was the most put out, but then cats can be such divas. She doesn’t seem to mind that we can’t pamper her as her former owner did, but it’s made up for by Champ’s companionship and the run of the backyard and the delight at barking at the mailman.

In addition to Jax, there’s been work and the garden and the house and the eye doctor and so forth… But about to finish up the Heart Sutra book and also kicking around another college book similar to the one I published on Polyvore.

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