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More Birds

January 8, 2012

The bird at the window came inside and started a series of ‘word birds’. Part Christmas ornament, part Zen memory tool. One side is recycled wrapping paper, the other is bits from the Heart Sutra.

If you clicked on the link and read any of it, you’ll understand why I need a memory tool. I guess there are different ways to approch it. I’ve read many translations, listened to it chanted (to the point where I started to recognize certain words in Sanskrit), read different explanations, tried internalizing it and I suppose this is my attempt to externalize it.

The word birds put it into a language that I could readily understand on a personal level. Each bird has only a fragment of the sutra, which is all I’m able to remember anyway (I’ve yet to memorize it). And they remind me that the “word” is not the thing it describes, merely a shadow of it.

Ultimately Buddhism, as with any faith, is not about understanding, but about practice. So I will practice my art and make more word birds and see where they lead me.

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  1. January 8, 2012 4:40 pm

    Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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