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Lunch With William Penn

December 3, 2011

prayer flags wave above a bench outside the bookstore

Today the path to peace lead to lunch at Pendell Hill, a Quaker retreat and learning center right down the road. The dining room is open to all who stay there for whatever reason (courses, sabbaticals, staff, family, sojourners) and anyone else who calls ahead and wants to enjoy a welcoming Community. The moment of silence after the chimes are rung and before the guests enter the dining hall was no ordinary silence. It was a full minute of silence and even the children were silent.  There was humus and fresh baked bread, tuna salad; two soups, zucchini and peanut; fresh organic spring mix and sprouts; a special treat for a student’s birthday, Korean pancakes and noodles, and for dessert (normally there is no dessert) chocolate brownies and organic ice cream. The Registrar was kind enough to sit with us and also a woman from Washington state, here with her husband for a three month course. So we didn’t feel left out. After lunch we visited the bookstore (I bought a book on Quaker history, so I might be better informed on my next visit). And we walked the 1 mile path, past the gardens and greenhouse; past a 300 year old Beech, and a stand of bamboo.

the sign

a sign by a mossy rock leads the way to the wood chip path

columns of trees line the path

the main building and greenhouse; the garden provides much of the food served

a massive 300 year old American Beech, only a young tree at the time of William Penn

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