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Shupp’s Grove

May 9, 2010

Across a muddy little creek...

Take the turnpike going west and a few exits along you come to Adamstown. It’s a town that’s loaded with antiques and collectables. Most are huge co-ops that offer hundreds of vendors under one roof. But one place that we like in particular  has only the trees overhead, that’s Shupp’s Grove.

...there is a grove of big old trees.

And someone got the bright idea to rent out space so people could sell some great old stuff.

Like cast iron dogs,

It’s a weekend kinda place and most weekends are devoted to one theme or another. We happened to end up there on Vintage Kitchen weekend. Not everyone follows the theme, but if you love the 40’s and 50’s you’d be in heaven with all the Fiestaware and Bakelite handled utensels.

colorful kitchenware,

lots of kitchenware,

lots of kitchenware,

did I mention the kitchenware?

lots and lots,

and tools of every discription.

There's John Lennon with a croquet set.

And other tems for the garden, like lawn chairs...

watering cans,

and wheelbarrows.

Of course, I go for the stuff that’s got no use anymore. They become objects of reverence and contemplation. Who made, who used it, when did they decide they didn’t need it anymore.

You see things there that have perhaps outlived their usefulness, like yardsticks,

tiny tins,


Here's Kenny and a pack of wolves.

Oy, looks like he could use a shave.

The memory garden, planted with daylilies and mayapples.

The website is under construction, but to find out what is happening when, and get better directions then I’ve given here visit

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  1. Chris Breece permalink
    June 6, 2010 4:43 pm

    I would have loved this!! So many treasures….
    Can never resist watering cans, can never have neough of those.
    John Lennon’s croquet set …how cool would that be in the front yard?
    All in all looked like a great place to have fun
    and treasure hunt.

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