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January 24, 2010

I’ve had a chance to sit down and look at a few works that I’ve made in the past two years. Now that they have had a chance to age, as it were I’m able to look at them and interpret them.

Little Family Drama Tag

The ‘Little Family Drama Tag’ is an accordion tag which features family photos and stamped embellishments. At the time I was using a lot of old photos in my work. I love the patina, the expressions, the clothes, the postures of these old treasures.  And of course these photos depict my kin, so this gives them a deeper significance.  An extended self-portrait.

Remember Tag

Remember Tag

‘Remember’ tag was made using real objects placed on a copier, in this case hydrangea petals placed in front of a tea bag wrapper.  The image was copied onto card stock, trimmed, torn and layered with stamping and embossing. On the reverse side is a quote by Ovid.  “For it is a pleasure too, to remember.”  I enjoy taking something that is headed for the trash (in this case the teabag wrapper)  and preserving it in some way or giving it another life, or elevating it beyond what had originally been intended.

The Four Zen Aesthetics

‘The Four Zen Aesthetics’ are two pages of a collage journal.  It was my attempt to translate the four qualities of Japanese aesthetics. I am very influenced by these concepts and strive to understand them and create my art always with them in mind.

The Prayer Of St. Francis

Someone close to me called this ‘a ransom note to God’, and I had to laugh. But to me it is very uplifting and the act of making it forced me to say it over and over.  So making this piece was like praying.

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