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Happy October 31st

October 31, 2009



The back yard in Autumn

It’s been a lovely Autumn, even though we have had more rain than you can shake a rain stick at.  Today is Halloween and the scariest thing about Halloween is how much candy I eat!  I know, we get it for the kids.  But lets be real, we end up eating much of it ourselves.  You think I would have learned back when I was little.  There was one Halloween when I ate soooo much candy that I threw up in church the next day (All Souls day, gotta go to church), right in the pew in front of me, on some girls purse while she was up getting Communion.

But all joking aside this is the last Saturday in October when I should be getting stuff done around the house.  Like those leaves in the picture, I should be raking them. Or getting my husband to do it.  And not to mention cleaning out the pond, ’cause all those leaves fell right in there as well.  Although it is beautiful.IMG_1623

And not to mention the dog hair.  When you have a dog who sheds as much hair every week to equal a dog his own size, there is always sweeping and vacuuming to do.  But what a face and such a good boy!IMG_1612I am also putting off grocery shopping, laundry (and the dryer is still broke) and something else I had big plans on doing.  Well I’m just going to go look out the window at the falling leaves while I eat some candy.  


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