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Odds And End Of Summer

September 8, 2009

Having today off, thanks to the Labor Movement of the last century, there was some time to do nothing. So we took a long walk with the dog and I picked up some acorns.



And I walk around the yard and saw things turning. The blue hydrangea turning green, the white hydrangea turning white.

pee wee hydrangea

pee wee hydrangea

The mums are turning yellow, the roses turning into rose hips. The coneflowers turning into food for the Gold Finches. The dogwoods turning bronze and rusty. It was cloudy today or we might have taken a drive in the Mustang. But instead we stayed in and I made a new necklace.

recycled beer bottle bead necklace

recycled beer bottle bead necklace

I picked up the green beads at a bead show a few week ago. They were made by a very talented artist who uses recycled beer and wine bottles as her raw material. These beads are from Heineken bottles.

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  1. September 16, 2009 4:15 am

    I came over from Polyvore. Your necklace is gorgeous! I also loved viewing the photgraphs. You are multi-talented.

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