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July 8, 2009

It feels like a while since I’ve checked in and here is why…IMG_1375

Yes, Kenny put a pond in the back yard so we have been enjoying just sitting and listening to the water and watching the light reflect on the rocks.  It’s very peaceful and calming, a great place to think about nothing on a lazy summer day.  Right after it went in we had some days of heavy rain. The pond got all cloudy and muddy and I thought ‘what have we done, we just put a mud hole in our yard!’  But we cleaned the pump a few times and once we put all the water plants in place the water just got clear again.

IMG_1369The birds love it. We observed a young Robin walking all around the rocks, trying to figure out if he could get in and out of there.  And I’m hoping a toad finds his way to the pond, I put a makeshift toad house nearby just in case. Of course we’ve been luxuriating in the profusion of flowers all over the place as well…


Like the front door flower bed


And the side door garden

And the side door garden


And the deck garden

And the deck garden

So I guess what I’m saying is that if you need to find me this time of year, just look outside.

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