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March 28, 2009

It’s been a damp and chilly start to the Spring, with not much sunshine to warm things up. I’m not complaining, we always need rain and  the weather conditions are causing a slow unfurling of the season’s wonders, so the experience  won’t be lost in a mad rush of bombarding  blooms and blossoms.  Right now it’s all about yellow.

daffadilious dontbesillious

daffadilious dontbesillious



The daffs are out, of course.  Nothing stops them, as I read in one gardening book a daffodil bulb is basically a flower waiting to bloom.  The forsythia are beginning their dramatic cascade of bright florets.  And the shops have put out their market packs dominated by yellow faced pansies, to entice winter weary gardeners to start digging.  So even without the sun, everywhere you look there is a cheerful yellow to warm up the new Spring.

forsythia howimistya

forsythia howimistya


Not to take anything away from the cherry trees, whose flowers describe every shade of pink from a soft whisper to a loud magenta. Or from the magnolias with their pale white flowers as big as cereal bowls.  But yellow seems to be the color of the moment.   While I’m pretty sure Chris Martin wrote the song “Yellow” for Gwyneth Paltrow, I’m making it my theme song for early Spring. So everybody, sing along “… and it was alllll  yelloooooow.”

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