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It’s Always Today

February 15, 2009


Today is your day

Today is your day ...

I’ve always been fascinated  with perpetual calenders. There’s something about the economy of such a thing, it never stops working.  The style might go out of fashion, but the object won’t be obsolete. Then there’s the fun which comes with changing them.  Unlike other calenders where you just flip a page, some thought goes into changing a perpetual, they’re more engaging.  And as you change them you begin to sense something of the great and mysterious cycles that rule our universe.  The same kind of sense, perhaps, that led to the amazing calenders of the Maya or to the invention of the Antikythera Mechanism. Weather it’s wanting to know when the next solar eclipse will take place or just when your next pay day rolls around, people have always relied on calenders. While my humble version just marks the month and day, I hope it will serve as a reminder that we have, at least, today- so make the most of it.


... and it's always today.

... and it's always today.

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