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My Links Explained part 2

January 12, 2009

The exciting conclusion to my two part series in which I urge you to travel through my links and see what you find. Hope   is the gate way to the world of Buckminster Fuller, the man who gave us the geodesic dome, synergy, and the idea that everything that everybody needs is all right here on spaceship earth. If you have ever attempted to read Critical Path,  Fuller’s tome on the history and future of mankind (or have even heard about it), than you owe it to yourself to visit this site and see how his legacy lives on.

Soup and chili take you to a couple of my recipes that appeared in Bon Appetite magazine a few years ago..  Both are easy, delicious and great for this time of year, even if I do say so myself.
IA stands for information architecture.  This is a great web site because that’s what they do here (among other things)– great web sites!

Television is a link to our local public television station. Grass roots TV at it’s finest, and they broadcast Democracy Now, real news instead of noise.

Well, that’s it for now.  Those are the doors, just add your own perception.

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