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Happy Winter Soltice Y’all

December 14, 2008

I want to wish everybody a warm and safe and happy holiday time. We’ve been busy here decorating and putting up a tree, baking cookies, shopping, making cards and generally  trying to fit in with the neighbors. img_1087 Basically everyone celebrates something this time of year, if only that you made it through another one! And no matter how dire things appear there is always the hope that a new year will bring a new beginning for all the people who need it.  img_10911Yesterday  we adorned our tree with treasures and balls and bits and bobs. With each ornament we hung, we got a chance to briefly re-live some past Christmases.  Here’s those old blue 1960’s balls from my childhood.  Oh, here’s that King Kong on the Empire State building that your sister gave us that year. img_1085 Remember this, the little Alf clip-on, he always goes on top.  We’d watch Alf every Monday night- burghers and Alf.  Here’s that NY PD squad car we got after 911.  Who would make an ornament out of that, well they did.  That was a weird Christmas, yea.  Then, after the tree is done we light it up and turn off all the other lights and sit and stare at it and wonder what it’s all about, and how strange it is to have a spruce tree in the living room.

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