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back to school

September 2, 2008

We were walking the dog this morning just as all the kids were lining up at the bus stop for their first day back to school. Usually the dog likes to do his business when there is an audience and this would have been a perfect one. But, he showed some restraint and we all got on with our dignity intact.

The kids got on the bus, the dog got to a tree and we got to go home and pack for a short trip to the beach. This is my fav time to go away. The crowds have thinned, the rates are lower, the ocean is warm and that sense of luxury that everyone else is toiling away and you are on holiday just can’t be beat.

Everyone keeps saying that Labor Day is the end of summer. And I guess when we were young it certainly was. But really there is another three weeks of summer, until the autumn equinox. This is a magical time. A secret pocket of warm days and cool nights. Fireflies, crickets and late dinner sunsets. Yes, there are a few falling leaves, I’m chalking that up to the dry spell we having.

So the kids are in school and the dog is with a friend and if you need us call the beach.

sunrise in Cape May

sunrise in Cape May

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